Political law links for today, 9-26-18

DISCLOSURE RULES IN EFFECT.   VENABLE.  “While the full effect of the ruling may not be known for some time, groups in the throes of an election season suddenly have to reconsider their electoral spending plans and fundraising practices, and donors to politically active 501(c)(4) social welfare organizations or 501(c)(6) business leagues have to account for an increased risk that their donations will be publicly disclosed.”

R STREET ON L PACS.   WP.  “Although the law prohibits members from using their campaign committee money for personal use, the Federal Election Commission does not enforce similar restrictions on leadership PACs. The result is that leadership PACs have essentially become slush funds, and almost every member of Congress has one.”

KY:  ATTORNEY HIRING.   WKU.  “Spectrum News’ Pure Politics first reported that Jerry Lundergan has retained Marc Elias, a high-profile political attorney who served as legal advisor to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential bid.  He has also represented the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.”

MS:  COUNTY LOBBYIST QUESTION.   SH.  “Councilmen last week questioned why the city should renew a contract for a lobbyist at $10,000 a month when the council has no report of progress or future plans.”

PA:  CASINO CONTRIBUTION LAW.   TL.  “Last week, a U.S. district judge said the state law that stopped casino owners and other gambling industry affiliates from making the donations was too wide a net and thus unconstitutional.”


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