Political law links for 1-16-19

SMALL DONOR PROPOSAL. VOX. “As we begin to debate the House Democrats’ landmark “For the People Act” (HR 1), here’s one pushback we might expect to see: The small-donor public matching system in the bill costs too much public money.”

LOGO SIMILARITY. ABC. “[Castro’s campaign sign] has some people drawing comparisons to Bud Light’s newest logo, introduced by designer Jones Knowles Ritchie in 2016.

DONOR DISTURBANCE. FOX. “The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) announced Monday that it will reallocate recent donations from megadonor Ed Buck, saying it was ‘deeply disturbed’ after a second dead man was recently found in his apartment.”

NC: SECRET INVESTIGATIONS. NANDO. “But does the new law make it harder for authorities to ‘prosecute’ people who might have violated campaign finance laws?”

OH: CITY WRESTLES. WOSU. “Columbus City Council is wrestling with something new: campaign finance reform.”

SC:  ADMISSION. CPC. “A Myrtle Beach attorney signed a consent order Tuesday admitting to campaign finance violations, bringing an end to the S.C. Ethics Commission’s oldest outstanding case and closing a chapter on a political scandal that has hung over the Grand Strand for years.”

TX: MOVE AGAINST PAY TO PLAY? ABC. “With a sign on his left that read “Clean up City Hall” and one on his right that read ‘end pay to play’ mayoral candidate and businessman Bill King described conversations he says he had with politicians who wanted a campaign contribution.”

WI: FRESH START. MAD. “Rep. Melissa Sargent, D-Madison, said she will introduce legislation that would undo some changes made to the state’s campaign finance laws by bills passed in 2015.”


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