1-31 political law links

PAC BUY. BB. “President Donald Trump’s Super PAC America First Policies has launched a seven-figure ad buy targeting several top Democrats in Congress with a message from Angel Mom Michelle Root, whose daughter Sarah was murdered by an illegal alien in 2016.”

CO: FOUNDATION NAMED. WFB. “A complaint filed in Colorado is asking the newly elected Democratic secretary of state to investigate a donation from the Sergey Brin Family Foundation to one of the state’s leading liberal organizations, ProgressNow Colorado.”

CO:  THORNY MONEY. USN. “A series of campaign finance complaints, first reported by Complete Colorado, allege that the charitable foundation of Google co-founder Sergey Brin contributed $170,000 to a nonprofit progressive issue committee called ProgressNow that was fighting an effort to increase the amount of Colorado land available for oil and gas drilling.”

NY: LOOPHOLE RAKE. SYR. “Gov. Andrew Cuomo took at least $16.7 million in campaign contributions from limited liability companies before the state stopped them from abusing a loophole in campaign finance laws, according to a Syracuse.com analysis of campaign records.”

VA: PUSH FAIL. HSV. “Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s proposal to put new limits on campaign contributions is finding little love in the General Assembly.”

WY: INVESTIGATION COMPLETE. WN. “Sweetwater County Attorney Daniel Erramouspe has completed an investigation into an alleged violation of Wyoming Campaign Finance Law, filed by current and former members of the Rock Springs City Council against the unnamed authors, who were found to be employees of the City of Rock Springs.”

CAN: MEDIA FINED. WP. “The recent plight of the Rebel News Network at the hands of the government of Alberta reminds us that when it comes to free speech, the government is often less interested in censoring the message than in controlling the medium.”


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