2-6 political law links

20 PREVIEW. RC. “Even as House Democrats have made a political overhaul a top priority, numerous lawmakers, including freshman members, have filed their own campaign finance and anti-corruption bills, a sign the topic will dominate into the 2020 campaigns.”

PA 12 SPECIAL GENERAL NOTICE. FEC. The FEC issued a special election report notice.

OUTLASTING WOES. WP. “The Russia investigation may be winding down, but President Donald Trump’s legal problems are far from over.”

CO: MORE DISCLOSURE SOUUGHT. CS. “The state Senate is expected to approve legislation Tuesday that would mandate more disclosure from political committees that send mailers or air commercials in an election year.”

MA: CONSIDERING LIMIT. NBC. “Massachusetts campaign finance regulators are considering lowering the amount a labor union can contribute to a political candidate.”

MA: SUGGESTION BOX. SN. “State officials are seeking members of the public to serve on a commission that will advocate constitutional campaign-finance reforms following the success of a ballot question in the November 2018 election.”


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