3.20 political law links

SCAM PAC ARREST. BRA. “An 80-year-old California man was arrested Tuesday after prosecutors accused him of swindling more than $250,000 from thousands of donors who thought they were giving money to support Bernie Sanders, Beto O’Rourke and other progressive candidates and causes.”

DONOR TICKET. WP. “Hitting 65,000 has become a magic ticket for many of the party’s presidential candidates, who are struggling to rank in public polls given a field that already has 15 contenders, with several more waiting in the wings. The new criteria have proved to be a boon to lesser-known candidates seeking a national stage this summer and could create challenges for more-established politicians seeking to break away from the pack — with unpredictable repercussions for the party.”

CALL FOR FEC/FCC ACTION. USAT. “If FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai responds to Trump’s latest request, she says it’s likely to be a repeat of what he told Congress in 2017: that the First Amendment prevents the agency from launching investigations or retaliating against media companies based on their content.”

CA: COMPLAINT PAYBACK. LAT. “A Newport Beach activist who prevailed in a lawsuit filed by residents and supported by Councilman Jeff Herdman is following up with a complaint to the state alleging Herdman omitted required identifying language in his email newsletters.”

CA: ONLINE DISCLAIMERS (OR NOT). GUA. “The public deserves to know who is behind the political advertisements they receive.”


NY: REFORM STRUGGLE. WXXI. “A push to enact a statewide system of public campaign finance for political races appears to be floundering in New York.”

OR: REFORM CROSSHAIRS. MT. “In Oregon, campaign finance reform requires more than changing state law. That’s because of legal precedent set by the Oregon Supreme Court in 1997, when justices struck down limits on campaign contributions as violating Oregon’s constitutional right to free speech.”

TX: MONEY SOURCE. HC. “From Jan. 2017 through mid-Oct. 2018, the congressman from El Paso raised roughly $61.6 million in individual campaign donations (according to data from the Federal Election Commission).”


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