4.8.19 political law links

SYSTEM VIEWS. WQAD. “As major presidential hopefuls release their fundraising numbers from the first quarter, recent polling finds just 1 in 5 Americans say they are satisfied with the nation’s campaign finance laws.”

FACING COMPLAINT. TDN. “Rep. Lori Trahan has been hit with a Federal Elections Commission complaint alleging her campaign violated reporting rules.”

BATTLE HURTS. CNN. “A new fight has erupted in the battle over big money in the 2020 White House election: Outside groups that support candidates of color are warning that calls for presidential contenders to disavow super PACs risk cutting off a crucial avenue for engaging minority voters.”

CAUGHT UP. TNA. “Beto O’Rourke, the Democratic presidential candidate whose claim to fame is losing a Senate race, has a habit of playing fast and loose with campaign funds.”

NY: REFORM NEEDED. GF. “The best hope for campaign finance reform would have been to include a public financing system in the state budget, which is what Gov. Andrew Cuomo promised to do.”

PA: FIRST AD. WHYY. “The first TV ad of the 2019 Philadelphia mayoral race is on the air, but it doesn’t come from any of the candidates. The 30-second spot is produced by an independent group supporting Mayor Jim Kenney.”

PA: TRAINING PLANNED. AM. “All Republican candidates who will be listed on the ballot for the 2019 primary election in Cambria or Somerset counties are invited to attend. Campaign committee treasurers of candidates are encouraged to attend.”


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