7.23 Political Law Links

CORRECT THE RECORD ANALYSIS. OS. “Deadlocked on a party-line vote, the Federal Election Commission has dismissed a complaint that Hillary Clinton’s campaign illegally coordinated with a super PAC during the 2016 presidential election cycle.”

PERSONAL USE IN THE NEWS. FP. “Former Florida Congressman Cliff Stearns is the first casualty of the Federal Election Commission’s crackdown on zombie campaigns, agreeing to pay a $6,900 fine and reimburse his campaign $8,120 for violating federal law prohibiting personal use of campaign funds.”

LEFT PACS RAISE. MJ. ” Yet even as it boasted of being the preeminent online resistance organization, it spent just $2,350—0.3 percent of what it raised—on independent expenditures supporting Democratic candidates or targeting Republicans. Instead, much of the money went to Dworkin’s consulting firm Bulldog Finance Group for fundraising consulting and to other individuals associated with the super-PAC.”

FL: BALLOT MEASURE UPDATE. GQ. “In the latest dispatch from the Republican Party’s war on democracy, allies of President Donald Trump are pushing a ballot initiative in Florida that would amend the state constitution to specify that ‘only’ U.S. citizens may vote in elections.”

ARGENTINA: NO MORE CASH. AQ. “The reform, which modifies the existing Political Parties Financing Law, seeks to reduce dirty money in politics by outlawing cash donations for campaigns. This would be a truly major shift — during the last presidential campaign in 2015, 99% of campaign contributions were made in cash, according to CIPPEC, a think tank that promotes government transparency.”


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