7.24 political law links

EQUAL TIME IN THE NEWS. WE. “Garner’s employer, Cumulus Media, opted to squash the interview as a result of the Federal Communications Commission’s Equal Time Rule, which specifies that any network that gives air time to a political candidate must give the same amount to any opposing candidate who requests it.”

ONLINE BARRAGE. POL. “A Democratic super PAC is starting to spend at least $1 million a month online attacking President Donald Trump’s record on the economy, the group announced Tuesday.”

SUPER PAC ATTACK. JS. “Wisconsin is among four battleground states being hit with digital ads from a Democratic super PAC targeting President Donald Trump.”

USE OF FUNDS EXAMINED. POL. “Running for president costs millions of dollars in staff salaries, even more in advertising fees and tons in travel — but sometimes, what a campaign really needs to get through a day is five-figures worth of paella.”

MESSAGE MIXUP. SFC. “The problem is, while Steyer doesn’t need money, he needs donors — 130,000 of them — to qualify for the Democratic National Committee’s Sept. 12 debate in Houston. That’s in addition to support of 2% or more in four national or early-voting-state polls.”

CA: TAX RETURN TICK. POL. “Gov. Gavin Newsom’s back in California after a brief vacation, and he’s got a major decision to make.”

MS: CASH LOOPHOLE. CL. “A loophole in Mississippi law allows politicians to personally profit from their campaign funds — as long as they use money raised before 2018.”


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