7-30 political law links

CRYPTO AND CAMPAIGN FINANCE. AMBC. “Despite the hesitance of the political class in the United States to accept cryptocurrencies in the mainstream, many have been only happy to accept them in donations. And while the share of cryptocurrency donations is still minimal, growing numbers highlight their significance.”

RULING DELAYED. AJC. “The Federal Election Commission has kicked the can on a request from former Georgia congressman Tom Price to use nearlynearly $1.8 million in leftover campaign money to start a nonprofit think tank centered around the topics of health care and the federal budget.”

CAMPAIGN FINANCE SECRET. ATL. “For the time being, scam PACs seem to have found a clever way to get away with behavior that might be illegal in other areas simply by doing it in the election sphere.”

ID: COMPLAINT DISMISSED. MDJ. “The Idaho Secretary of State’s office has dismissed a campaign finance complaint filed by Brent Regan, chairman of the Idaho Freedom Foundation, against Reclaim Idaho, the group that spearheaded the Medicaid expansion initiative, finding no violations.”

IL: REFORM URGED. CST. “Protected by a grandfather clause in a 1998 campaign finance reform bill, at least 55 former lawmakers have transferred more than $5 million in campaign contributions to their private cookie jars since the law took effect.”

NM: TAKING COMMAND. MH. “New rules for funneling resources toward political races in New Mexico may provide legislative leaders and political parties with a stronger hand in influencing the outcomes of elections, as Democrats assert their control over the Legislature and key statewide elected offices.”

WV: MONEY SOLUTION. WVG. “There is an answer to the campaign finance quagmire caused by dark money, should our Legislature choose to implement it. What’s the quagmire? Some spending for candidates or issues are done without disclosure. So, we don’t always know who is supporting whom or what.”


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