9.4 political law links

JOINT FUNDRAISING DEVELOPMENTS. CRP. “Joint fundraising committees are growing increasingly common as candidates and parties seek out big checks from wealthy donors.”

LIBERAL TARGET. WE. “Years after Republicans on the Federal Election Commission claimed Democrats were targeting conservative speech on outlets like the Drudge Report, the liberal head of the FEC is teaming with an anti-Trump free speech advocacy group to host a symposium targeting online ‘disinformation.'”

LOBBYIST REFUNDS. HILL. “Former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign on Tuesday said it would return the money recently given by lobbyists, the same day a report highlighted the thousands of dollars in cash donated to the campaign by members of the influence industry.”

BOOM REAPERS. HILL. “Two years after the fall of the Podesta Group, lobbyists for the former powerhouse are reaping the K Street boom.”

CA: PERSONAL USE ALLEGED. CBS. “The Fair Political Practices Commission is investigating charges against Republican Bill Brough. Jasmine Viel reports.” (Video.)

MO: FINE FOR CAMPAIGN. MT. “The Missouri Ethics Commission (MEC) found Sen. Jamilah Nasheed failed to report a few campaign donations, totalling $2,500, in a “timely manner” and levied a fine on the Democratic senator.”

NJ: LEFRAK ATTACK. HC. “A super PAC linked to the LeFrak Organization, one of two entities who sued the City of Jersey City over this year’s newly implemented 1 percent business payroll tax, expects to spend $250,000 on the Jersey City Board of Education race, according to campaign finance records.”


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