9-5 political law links

DEMOCRACY DEAD. BG. “The Federal Election Commission is essentially toast.”

PERIL ABOUNDS. ST. “For the well-being of American democracy, Congress and President Donald Trump must immediately repair the Federal Election Commission.”

FEC STATUS. 538. “What this means is that the agency responsible for both enforcing and advising on the nation’s campaign-finance laws is out of commission for the foreseeable future. And because we’re in the middle of a presidential election … things could get hairy fast.”

WAR ON DRUDGE. HILL. “First, it was Democrats on the Federal Election Commission. Now it’s congressional Democrats and Republicans who want to squelch the political voices on major online websites such as Facebook, Twitter, the New York Times, and eventually the Drudge Report.”

KY: FINE FROM 16. CJ. “The Kentucky Registry of Election Finance has found probable cause that the campaign of Louisville Metro Councilman Scott Reed violated several campaign finance laws in his 2016 race.”

TX: NEW DISCLOSURES. TT. “In a U.S. Senate campaign disclosure filed last month, which includes all of 2018 and this year through mid-August, West reported that he made over $1 million in earned income, and that he’ll be eligible to draw a state pension exceeding $80,000 a year — or more, depending on when he retires.”


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