11.20 political law links

FUND BOOST. POL. “The ‘green wave’ of campaign cash that boosted Democrats and liberal causes in 2018 included an unprecedented gusher of secret money, new documents obtained by POLITICO show.”

ENFORCEMENT SOUGHT. DC. “The overwhelming majority of 2020 general election voters would like to see the Federal Election Commission (FEC) take a more active role in enforcing existing campaign finance laws on the books as corruption was rated the most serious problem facing the country, a poll released Monday found.”

SOME CONCERNS. POL. “Mayor Bill de Blasio used his political action committee to pay for presidential polling ahead of his short-lived White House run and did not reimburse in the required time frame, according to a new letter from the Federal Election Commission.”

ME: MONTHLY FINANCING. BDN. “Instead of collecting $5 qualifying donations or chasing $400 checks, Grant is asking supporters to give $5 a month from now until November 2020.”

NH: DONOR SECRECY. LDJ. “This year’s race for mayor attracted outside interest and campaign contributions, but the public will likely never find out how much money was spent and who made political donations to candidates Andrew Hosmer and Peter Spanos.”

NY: COMMISSION CRITICAL. NYDN. “Unwilling to mop up political cash sloshing around Albany by means of regular lawmaking, the poobahs there punted the work to a nine-member Public Campaign Financing Commission, which seems determined to make a hash of it. Which might have been the plan all along.”

OR: CAPPING LIMITS. OPB. “Oregon’s campaign finance system, often described as the ‘Wild West,’ would be roped in somewhat under a proposal floated Tuesday.”


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