Happy Thanksgiving & today’s political law links

REIMBURSEMENTS AND CORPORATE FUNDS. HC. “A dominant Texas engineering company led by a former University of Texas regent has agreed to a $1.6 million fine because top-level staffers facilitated hundreds of thousands of dollars of illegal campaign contributions.” DOJ Release.

TLAIB ALLEGATIONS. FN. “According to a report issued last week by the House Ethics Committee, there is “substantial reason to believe” that Tlaib used campaign funds for personal expenditures, thereby violating both campaign finance laws and House ethics rules.”

BLOOMBERG AND DONATIONS. HILL. “An adviser to Michael Bloomberg said the former New York City mayor won’t accept political donations or a presidential salary.”

REFORM PLANS. GEX. “Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., has released a plan that includes reforms to the two federal elections-related agencies.”

AZ: SITES BROKEN. AZC. “See The Money – a website that presents data visually – has never worked properly, and the state’s campaign-finance database has had its own set of problems since the 2018 election, and the Secretary of State’s Office is now approaching a crucial deadline. Come January, candidates from throughout the state will be filing their first financial reports for the 2020 campaign cycle and the public will want to follow the money.”

NY: CANDIDATE OWES. CNY. “Thomas Lopez-Pierre will have to repay $54,107 of the $99,180 in matching funds the CFB gave him for his failed 2017 bid to oust City Councilman Mark Levine of Manhattan—plus $6,182 in fines for assorted forms of malfeasance. The panel charged him with failing to account for more than $10,000 in transactions, failing to report more than $12,000 in contributions, exceeding the $100 limit on individual cash expenditures, using campaign funds for personal purposes and making campaign expenditures after the election was over.”

RI: GROUPS SUE. R10. “The suit says disclosure laws regarding campaign contributions are unconstitutional.”

HAVE A GOOD DAY. Have a great Thanksgiving break! New political law links will be sent around next week.

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