3.3.20 political law links

$49,000 LOOPHOLE. CM. “Here’s the catch: These committees are required to list a funder as a ‘top donor’ on their ads only if that contributor has given at least $50,000. If donors give, say, $49,000, then their names need not be disclosed on the ads.”

MONEY AND VOTES. WE. “If campaign spending is less powerful than commonly assumed, we should revisit the laws that make it so hard for average people to finance a run for office.”

WON’T DISCLOSE. CNN. “The group, because of when it organized and filed with the Federal Election Commission, will not have to disclose their donors until March 20, long after millions of people vote on Super Tuesday on March 3.”

MO: ETHICS FINE. KCS. “The Missouri Ethics Commission (MEC) found that Parkville Mayor Nan Johnston’s campaign reports contained inaccuracies and belatedly disclosed expenditures and contributions, including a $5,000 check from a developer.”

COORDINATION SUGGESTED. FB. “Two establishment-backed Democratic candidates face accusations of illegally coordinating with a liberal dark money group, according to ethics complaints filed as voters prepare to cast ballots in the Super Tuesday primaries.”


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