3.23.20 political law links

BLOOMBERG MOVE. FB. “Michael Bloomberg announced he will transfer $18 million from his failed presidential campaign to the Democratic National Committee—a move experts say exploits a loophole in campaign finance laws.”

REVERSAL CLAIM. NYT. “Michael R. Bloomberg on Friday abandoned plans to form a new super PAC for the presidential race and employ his campaign organizers through November, instead opting to give $18 million to the Democratic National Committee for the party’s battleground states program and disband the army of field workers he had assembled across the country.”

PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION CAMPAIGN FUND USE. BN. “TIME reports that Congress could transfer money from the campaign fund to combat the effects of the novel coronavirus.”

WATCHDOG UPDATE. POL. “Critics increasingly worry about a political world far outpacing its legal watchdog – a problem only growing more acute as a huge slice of American politics quickly shifts digital.”

VIRAL CAMPAIGNING. RCP. “A dark-money network of liberal groups, including a political action committee tied to one of former President Obama’s aides, plans to spend millions of dollars on attack ads tarring Trump’s response to the unprecedented global health crisis.”

JUDGE ON DISCRETION. LAW. “A senior judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit sharply criticized the Federal Election Commission for arguing that a legal challenge to the commission’s decision to not prosecute certain campaign finance violations cannot be reviewed by the court.”

PAC REVEALED. HILL. “The overwhelming majority of funds donated to a super PAC supporting Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Mass.) presidential bid came from a sole donor, according to new Federal Election Commission filings.”


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