3.30.20 political law links

BLOOMBERG AND THE LAW. WE. “Instead of running his own super PAC, Bloomberg recently decided to transfer $18 million in remaining funds from his defunct presidential campaign to the Democratic National Committee. Just one problem: This $18 million gift is illegal.”

HOW MONEY SPENT. WP. “The latest campaign finance filings are in, finally giving us answers to some of our burning questions before most of the Democratic presidential candidates dropped out of the race.”

DARK MONEY TARGET. OS. “Fueled by ‘dark money,’ cash-flush liberal groups with ties to the Democratic Party are mobilizing to unleash millions of dollars worth of ads attacking President Donald Trump’s response to coronavirus ahead of the 2020 presidential election.”

PAC RESERVES. MCDC. “A leading Democratic super PAC is reserving $17 million worth of digital ads in key battleground states to start after the Democratic National Convention in July and run through Election Day in November.”

FUNDING ATTACK. FB. “An activist group backed by a major liberal dark money network announced plans to spend more than $1 million attacking Republican senators over the coronavirus pandemic.”

AD BUYS. HILL. “Priorities USA, the largest Democratic super PAC, is expanding an ad buy accusing President Trump of mismanaging the coronavirus crisis a day after the Trump campaign threatened legal action against TV stations airing the ad in key battleground states.”

TX: FUNDRAISING IMPACT. KBTX. “What used to be a routine request for political cash could now come across as tone-deaf or tacky.”


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