5.13.20 political law links

AD ALLEGATION. MNT. “The ad raises broader questions about what constitutes a political ad, who can legally place one, and whether such an ad must — or should — clearly state who paid for it.”

BIG BUY. POL. “House Democrats’ main super PAC announced a second round of fall ad buys on Monday morning, bringing their total TV spending for the cycle to over $69 million.”

MD: STATE SETTLES. BSUN. “The Maryland state government is poised to pay $400000 to several newspapers to settle a lawsuit” discussed here involving online advertising requirements.

OR: FOCUS ON REFORM. KGW. “All three candidates largely agree on issues pertaining to ensuring fair and open elections. They all support establishing same-day voter registration. McLeod Skinner said what separates her from her challengers is her commitment to campaign finance reform.”

TN: REGISTRY SUED. OCN. “Attorneys at Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press on Wednesday, April 29 filed a lawsuit against Tennessee Registry of Election Finance for violating the state’s Open Meetings Act when it held a secret vote by email.”

WI: PAC TALES. WPR. “A new super PAC reported millions of dollars in spending to the government earlier this month, but the money hasn’t made it to any vendors. We learn about the puzzling case and what it can tell us about our campaign finance system.”


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