11.30 political law links

ETHICS TEST. NYT. “Some of the president-elect’s choices for top posts have done work for undisclosed corporate clients and aided a fund that invests in government contractors.”

MONEY HELP. NPN. “Democrats have denounced anonymous money in politics for years, but 2020 brought a tidal wave of it into the election to benefit their party.”

FEC CHECK. USAT. “Trainor himself admitted he wasn’t briefed on the issue, and all of his comments contained factual inaccuracies, echoing false allegations of election fraud that have been presented with no proof.”

CA: LOBBYIST HOST ISSUE. SB. “From an ethics perspective, it’s important that Newsom says he paid for his own meal, said Bob Stern, former president of the Center for Governmental Studies who helped craft California’s political ethics laws.”

CA: NEW LIMITS. DB. “Inglewood will not follow a new state law limiting local campaign contributions to $4,700, instead opting for a cap 21 times higher than what a state senator can accept from a single source.”

PA: MORE PAC RULES. PPG. “The proposed legislation would require the same reporting rigor for independent groups of individuals funding a campaign for or against a candidate or a ballot question — such as, for example, the parks tax question that voters narrowly passed in November 2019.”


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