12.4 political law links

ELIAS SLUDGED. SLU. “But before Elias became known as a hero for democracy for helping Democrats prevail over Trump’s lawsuits, he led efforts to weaken campaign finance laws and open the door for big donors to have more influence in politics, including efforts conducted in partnership with the Republican Party.”

LATE HELP. TT. “A super PAC supporting the reelection of U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, received a late infusion of big money ahead of the November election, including from the top super PAC aligned with Senate Republicans, according to a new post-election campaign finance filing.”

NOMINEES MOVE. RC. “The Senate Rules and Administration panel took a big step toward restoring a full slate at the Federal Election Commission, approving three nominees by voice vote Thursday.”

CA: TURLOCK ABIDES. TJ. “When the next Turlock City Council elections roll around in 2022, candidates will have to abide by the new mandatory contribution limits set by the State of California after the City Council decided not to create its own contribution limit ordinance.”

CT: OVERSIGHT QUESTIONS. CT. “For the last nine years, the State Election Enforcement Commission has failed to report the use of grant money financing candidates running for the Connecticut General Assembly, according to a recent audit report.”

OH: OPINION ON REFORM. CIN. “The policies we need addressed – whether it’s COVID-19 relief, transportation, taxes, housing, or clean water and air – get lost in the shuffle when our elected officials are more focused on chasing big political donations than they are on us.”


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