Political activity law A.M. report for Tuesday, Jan. 18


GOOD MORNING. Here are some of the political law stories from the last few days.  (As you can see, I’ve changed the format a little.)

SPEECH OR DEBATE. The Constitution’s “speech or debate” clause and its operation in corruption investigations is the topic of this Post report.

PRIEBUS CONVENTION PURGE. Roll Call reports on one of the new RNC Chairman’s first acts.  The Hill has a report, as well.

NFL LOBBYING.  That’s the topic of this Post report:  “As a labor dispute threatens to shut down the National Football League next season, the two sides are moving the game to a new playing field: Capitol Hill.”

TRIAL LAWYERS AND REPUBLICANS. “With the first Republican legislative majority in more than a century taking office Jan. 26, there has been a domino effect on Raleigh’s influence industry – the lobbying firms, trade associations, corporations, law firms, public relations companies, trade unions and others that have business before the legislature.”  Charlotte Oberserver.

THE HEALTH OF HEALTHCARE LOBBYING. Healthcare lobbying is the topic of this Hill report.

NEWS BEFORE DAWN. The Times notes the power of early information in this report today.

JOHN EDWARDS UPDATE. What’s new in matters involving John Edwards?  AP reports here.

COOK COUNTY ETHICS BOARD IN THE NEWS. Here: “A joint investigation by WGN-TV, Chicago Magazine and the Better Government Association raises ethical questions about the head of the Cook County Ethics Board.”

KENTUCKY TEA PARTY AND HOT WATER. A complaint against the Kentucky Tea Party is the topic of this report.

THANKS. Many thanks to Votelaw’s Ed Still for the correction to Friday’s post on a story involving Charleston, WV.

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