Tuesday’s political law links

MORE SOLYNDRA EMAILS OUT. The Times. “In releasing the new e-mails, Democrats said they were seeking to demonstrate that there was no evidence of political favoritism toward Solyndra, whose investors include a foundation run by a major fund-raiser for Mr. Obama, a connection that Congressional Republicans have emphasized. The e-mails, though, do provide new evidence of a concern by lawmakers that the broader loan guarantee program might be troubled.” Politico has coverage here.

TRANSCANADA LOBBYING IN THE NEWS. Here. “TransCanada lobbyist Paul Elliott said Monday that he’s done nothing wrong in his emails with State Department employees while promoting the company’s Keystone XL pipeline, despite what a stack of correspondence released by an environmental group Monday purports to show.”  A Times commentary piece is online here.

STARR SUPPORTS CAMERAS IN THE COURT. Here. “Cameras in the courtroom of the United States Supreme Court are long overdue.” I can’t agree more.

FB’S SPARAPANI TO LEAVE. The Hill. “Facebook confirmed Monday that director of global public policy Tim Sparapani left the firm on Friday.”

CONSTITUENT COMMUNICATIONS DATA.  The Hill.  “Congressional offices that are late to adopt technology are reporting greater difficulty keeping up with huge increases in constituent communications, according to a report by the Congressional Management Foundation (CMF).”  The Post has coverage here.

FEC AGENDA.  The agenda for Thursday’s meeting of the Federal Election Commission is online here.

DELAURO PAYMENTS IN THE NEWS.  Here.  “In the last four congressional election cycles, the campaign committee for Rep. Rosa L. DeLauro, Friends of Rosa DeLauro, transferred $1.2 million to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which in the same period paid $1.9 million to Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research for polling and other services, according to Federal Election Commission ( FEC) filings. Stanley B. Greenberg, founding partner of GQRR, is DeLauro’s husband of 33 years.”

DONATION AT ISSUE IN NYC TRIAL, The Times. “Mr. Bloomberg was testifying as a witness for the prosecution in the trial of the political consultant, John F. Haggerty Jr., who had been a Bloomberg campaign volunteer and was then hired by the Independence Party to do the ‘ballot security’ work financed by Mr. Bloomberg’s donation. Prosecutors allege that Mr. Haggerty instead stole much of the money and used it to purchase a house.”


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