Good morning, here are political law links for Thurs., March 22nd

PAC WORLD.  Roll Call.  “As politically active tax-exempt groups draw scrutiny from lawmakers and regulators, leaders in the sprawling nonprofit sector are torn between circling the wagons and joining in calls for reform.”

CURRENCY LOBBYING.  Story here.  “Crane & Co., the Massachusetts-based company that provides the paper for the nation’s currency, is rushing to the defense of the greenback now that Congress might actually eliminate the dollar bill.”

SENATORS LOOKING TO FIRE.  The Hill.  “Senators are pushing the Department of Justice (DOJ) to fire the prosecutors responsible for the “disgusting” botched criminal case against the late Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska).”

LUGAR EXPENSES.  Story here.  “Indiana Sen. Dick Lugar’s residency problems just grew more uncomfortable: He’s reimbursing the Treasury for erroneously billing taxpayers for a series of hotel stays in Indianapolis in recent years.”

STUDENT PAC.  The Times.  “At a party last month, a group in their 20s, many of them enrolled in the Clinton School of Public Service at the University of Arkansas, unveiled a new state and federal PAC.”


SUPER PAC HARDBALL.  WSJ.  “As The Wall Street Journal reported this week, the National Republican Congressional Committee, which is trying to maintain the GOP’s large majority in the House, has warned that companies who help campaign against incumbents might find their services are no longer needed by some parts of the Republican Party.”

DISCLOSE ACT UPDATE.  The Hill.  “Senate Democrats revived the Disclose Act on Wednesday in an election-year push against the “spectacle” of campaign spending by super-PACs.”  More from HuffPo:  “The new bill, which has 34 co-sponsors (all Democrats), would simply require all groups spending more than $10,000 on election-related advertising to publicly name all donors who gave $10,000 or more. To address the lack of real-time disclosure of who is paying what, the bill would require any broadcast ad to list the sponsoring group’s top five funders.”


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