Here are today’s political law links

FACING SCRUTINY.   Politico.  “Democratic Reps. John Conyers of Michigan and Ben Ray Lujan of New Mexico are under scrutiny by the House Ethics Committee for alleged violations, although both men strongly deny any wrongdoing.”

FACING SCRUTINY II.   Hill.  “Two high-power Democrats are facing scrutiny for possible ethics infractions, the House Ethics Committee announced Monday.”

KOCH PROMISE.   USAT.  “The vast policy and political network aligned with billionaire Charles Koch is ramping up for its most expensive round of political and policy fights yet — as it works to expand the Republican majority in the Senate, pushes Congress to approve President Trump’s tax cuts and promotes measures across the country to curb organized labor.”

NEW REGISTRATION.   CPI.  “Abramoff, the documents detail, was aiding an Italian national hoping to earn a consulting contract with the Republic of Congo that, in part, sought to polish its image in the United States.”

FEC COMMISSIONER ON RUSSIA.   MSNBC.  “Commissioner Ellen Weintraub calls on the FEC to do more to assure the American people that the threat of foreign entities is being taken seriously.”

CA:  CHICO LIMITS OK.   ER.  “If the council wants to have a meaningful discussion, maybe it should debate whether councilors should abstain from voting on projects that financially affect large contributors.”

PA:  ETHICS DEBATE.   LV.  “A grassroots effort to create a comprehensive ethics law in Bethlehem, backed by two city council members, was dealt a major blow Monday night.”

AUSTRALIA:  FOREIGN BACKLASH.   GM.  “A heated new debate about Beijing’s influence has raised calls in Australia for greater vigilance toward Chinese money, as countries around the world grapple with a rising appetite in China for overseas infrastructure and sensitive technology.”

CAN:  SEEKING RESOLUTION.   GM.  “Municipal politicians in British Columbia are preparing for an overhaul to the province’s campaign-finance laws, which could trickle down to civic election races that have been governed by the same ‘Wild West’ rules currently under scrutiny in the legislature.”


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