9.21 political law links

GOOGLE RESISTANCE.  NYT.  “The politics for the companies in the United States began to change after the 2016 presidential election, when attention turned to the role social media sites play in shaping public opinion.”

WHAT ABOUT RIDERS?  BNA.   “The spending package’s riders include a provision to lift or ease the IRS’s longstanding ban on politicking by churches, called the Johnson Amendment.”

WILL ON SPEECH.  SLT.  “Still, after a season of dangerous talk about responding to idiotic talk by abridging First Amendment protections, Americans should consider how, if at all, to respond to ‘cheap speech.'”

VIEW ON MONEY IN POLITICS.  NYT.  “In both the 2012 and 2016 presidential elections, the candidates who spent the most money lost.”

CA:  OUT OF PROPORTION.  LAT.  “In most cases, reimbursing donors is done to get around limits on donations. In Rodriguez’s case, however, there were no limits on personal contributions, so he could just as easily have donated the money in his own name, which makes a reimbursement scheme especially baffling.”

MI:  BILL SIGNED.  ML.   “Less than 24 hours after the Senate moved to send two campaign finance bills that expand on the 2010 Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission court ruling, Gov. Rick Snyder signed the legislation, making it into law. ”

MI:  HARDER TO TRACE.  MIR.  This report posits that a new “campaign finance law makes it harder to trace political donations.”

NM:  FRAUD FINE.  KRQE.  “An Albuquerque City Council candidate has been fined by the Ethics Board for campaign finance fraud.”


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