8.8 political law links

TWITTER SHUTDOWN. WE. “Twitter locked Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s campaign account after it posted a video of activists making threats against the Kentucky Republican at his home.”

CASH CUSHION. POL. “Mayor Bill de Blasio’s struggling presidential campaign benefited from a six-figure boost unavailable to candidates who set up routine exploratory committees and the move has already resulted in formal complaints to the Federal Election Commission.”

MONEY TARGET. WE. “A Democratic nonprofit organization shelling out what gets derided as ‘dark money’ when spent by Republicans is investing heavily to defeat Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst, even though she is not one of the most endangered Republicans running for reelection.”

TARGET LIST. USAT. “President Donald Trump’s campaign and several top Republicans on Tuesday slammed Rep. Joaquin Castro, the twin brother and campaign chairman of 2020 presidential hopeful Julián Castro, after he posted a list of Texas Trump donors and their place of business.”

UNUSED CAMPAIGN FUNDS. STAU. “Ever wonder what politicians do with leftover campaign funds when they leave office — either on their own or with the help of voters?”

DC: FAMILY FUNDS. WCP. “The Ward 2 Council candidate’s recent campaign finance report shows that his immediate family members (his brother, his mom, and his in-laws) donated a total of $10,166 to his campaign. That figure also includes the $66 Grossman gave himself.”


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