Political law links for Feb. 1


SUPER PACS CLOSE GAP.  The Post.  “Conservative super PACs and other outside groups are helping Republicans close a yawning fundraising gap with President Obama, giving the eventual GOP presidential nominee a better chance at winning the money race by November, according to new disclosures Tuesday.”


SUPER PAC DEADLINE.  Roll Call.  “All eyes are on the Federal Election Commission website today, as policy wonks, journalists and political players pore through the latest disclosure reports for the super PACs that are dominating the 2012 election.”

LABOR $UPER PAC. Politico.

RE$TORE OUR FUTURE.  Story here.  More from the Times.

MAKE U$ GREAT AGAIN. Story here.

ENDOR$E LIBERTY.  Story here.

PRIORITIE$ USA.  Story here.  “Soros is joined by million-dollar donors such as film producer Stephen Bing and auto insurer Peter Lewis in not contributing to Priorities USA, a group founded by former White House aides to help return Obama to the White House. The pro- Obama organization raised $1.2 million in the second half of 2011, bringing its yearly total to $4.4 million, according to Federal Election Commission filings.”

AM XRD$. News here. “The Karl Rove-linked juggernaut Crossroads groups raised $51 million last year – including a whopping $7 million from Dallas billionaire Harold Simmons – but that’s still a far cry from the $300 million the two-pronged outfit intends to spend boosting Republicans and attacking Democrats in the run-up to Election Day.”

OUR DE$TINY PAC. Story here. “The super PAC supporting Jon Huntsman’s aborted presidential bid raised $2.7 million – $1.9 million of which came from his father.”

PALIN FUNDRAISING. Story here. “Sarah Palin’s political action committee raised $756,000 in the second half of last year — a steep drop from the first half, when she as flirting with a presidential bid.”

GINGRICH INC. Story here.

WHAT REPORTS SHOW. NPR. “The big expenses reported by Colbert’s superPAC: $14,000 for his lawyer, former FEC Chairman Trevor Potter; $31,000 for T-shirts; and $56,000 for raising and processing all of those contributions.”

OBAMA’S BUNDLES. The Post. “Obama’s campaign and an affiliated committee run with the Democratic National Committee both filed their fourth quarter financial reports Tuesday, showing a highly effective bundling operation in full gear.”

BACHMANN DEBT. Story here. “New Federal Election Commission records show Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann’s presidential campaign ended 2011 about $447,000 in debt.”

CAIN CONUNDRUM. Story here. “Herman Cain, barely two weeks after suspending his presidential bid, founded his own super PAC called Cain Connections.”

ROBOCALL REGRET.  Story here.   More here.

REGULAR PAC FUNDRAISING.  Roll Call.  “Super PACs may be sexy, but they are not about to put their tamer predecessors out of business.”


STOCK ACT NEWS. Story here. “House Majority Leader Eric Cantor today spoke supportingly of legislation winding its way through Congress that would clearly ban federal lawmakers and their staff from trading securities on insider information.”

STOCK ACT THREAT. Story here. “A day after the Senate voted in rare bipartisan fashion to open debate on the STOCK Act that would ban insider trading in Congress, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid threatened to shut down debate, complaining that senators were acting “ridiculous” and have turned the body into a “circus” by making demands for their amendments to be considered.”

OIL AND MINING CO. TRANSPARENCY.  The Hill.  “Five Senate Democrats are pressing the Securities and Exchange Commission to ‘resist pressure’ to weaken upcoming rules that force oil-and-gas companies to disclose their payments to foreign governments.”

CANDIDATE SALARY IN THE NEWS. Story here. “Congressional candidate Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher (aka ‘Joe the Plumber’) is paying himself a salary from campaign funds, according to a Federal Election Commission report filed today.”

E-FILING FOR SEN.  More here.  “In this Internet Age, 81 senators have Twitter accounts for lightning-fast bursts of communication. Yet only a handful of them typically file their campaign finance reports electronically.”

TRIP STORY.  News from Georgia here.  “As Georgia Attorney General, Sam Olens says he is an adversary in what he calls ‘a war against the tobacco industry.’  But in December, he accepted a plane ride from a tobacco lobbyist valued at more than $1,500.  They went to a convention in Palm Beach, FL.”


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