Good morning, here are political law links for 2/3

STOCK ACT PASSAGE.  Roll Call.  “The Senate passed the STOCK Act on a 96-3 vote this evening after a surprisingly open amendment process forced lawmakers to take stands on a series of ethical restrictions and earmarks.”  The Post report is here.  “In a sign of just how unpopular Congress has become, rank-and-file senators hijacked a debate over a narrowly tailored ethics bill and won broad approval Thursday of a more far-reaching reform package that would impose new conflict-of-interest rules and mandate more transparency on K Street.”

CITIES LOBBYING.  The Times.  “More than a year after Congress forswore earmarks, the oft-criticized legislative gimmick that financed pet projects, communities that relied on federal money for legitimate needs say they are facing a harsh budget reality.”

INCREASED CORPORATE POLITICAL GIVING.  The Post.  “Corporations appear to be embracing, albeit slowly, new campaign rules that allow them to make direct contributions to political groups.”

ANNUAL REPORT FROM ETHICS.  Story here.  “The House and Senate Ethics committees released an accounting of their 2011 activities this week, detailing the number of matters reviewed and the actions taken thus far during the 112th Congress.”  The report from House Ethics is here.  The report from Senate Ethics is here.

DAVIS LEAVES FIRM.  Politico.  “Former Rep. Artur Davis has parted ways with law firm SNR Denton just a year after the Alabama Democrat joined its white collar and government investigations practice as a partner — and he’s not ruling out a return to politics.”


LAWYERS HIGH ON LIST.  Story here.  “President Barack Obama’s top sources of campaign funds include employees at law firms that made $20 million last year trying to influence Washington.”

“LEAVE KOCH ALONE.”  Viewpoint here.  “Charles Koch and David Koch, co-owners of Koch Industries, are U.S. citizens, taxpayers, entrepreneurs and employers. Their businesses employ nearly 50,000 people in the U.S. alone. The company headquarters is in the district I represent, employing 2,600 Kansans. The corporation and its employees are among the most hardworking and generous in our community. The company has never been bailed out by the U.S. taxpayers. Given that many Americans are now desperate for jobs, we should be begging entrepreneurs to look for new opportunities — not attacking them because their companies might make a profit.”

JACK’S BACK.  Story here.  “During Wednesday’s balmy afternoon, a familiar scene in Washington unfolded: There was Jack Abramoff, sitting in his usual window seat at Eli’s, the kosher Dupont Circle deli, greeting the regulars.”

REFORM PROPOSALS IN MI.  News here.  “Democrats in the Michigan House on Thursday introduced proposals that would require personal financial disclosure forms for many public officials and put some restrictions on state-level political campaign donations.”


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